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WebXR is ideal for organisations and businesses that want to display their products or subject matter in greater detail or with more interactivity whether that be for practical purposes or simply to increase user engagement.

Industries that can benefit from XR

By leveraging the latest in XR technology, Braive can help companies enhance their training and simulation programs, improve customer engagement, and revolutionize the way they work.

For example, we can help manufacturers provide a more immersive and interactive training experience for employees, using XR simulations to help them learn about new equipment and processes. This can result in increased employee efficiency and reduced training costs.

In the retail industry, Braive can help companies create virtual showrooms and interactive shopping experiences for customers, providing a new level of engagement and convenience.

XR can also be used in the construction industry, where architects and builders can use XR simulations to visualize and test designs before construction begins.

XR helps companies in various industries improve their remote work processes by providing virtual collaboration tools and meetings in XR environments. This can increase productivity and improve communication between remote employees.

In conclusion, Braive can bring a multitude of benefits to various industries.

Potential Applications

  • 3D Decking Configurator
  • 3D Product Parts & Maintenance Demonstrators
  • AR Commerce Product Viewers and Configurators
  • Creative 3D User Interfaces