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Of all the industry sectors, perhaps manufacturing is the one that stands to benefit the most from developments in visual and AI technology.

About Braive

Under the guise of its sister company, The Artlab, Braive has a long history of helping manufacturers and engineering companies reach their business goals and, working with our partner organisations, can often secure financial contributions towards XR and AI development work.

How can XR and AI benefit your company?

Product visualization: XR can be used to create interactive 3D product visualizations on the company’s website. This can help customers to better understand the products and their features, as well as increase engagement and interactivity on the website. Going further still, we can create virtual showrooms that allow customers to view products in a realistic environment, helping them to visualize how those products would look and fit in their own environments, which removes a barrier to sales.

Product customization: One of the best uses of XR is to create interactive product configurators that allow customers to customise products based on their individual needs and preferences. This can help customers to feel more involved in the design process and increase the likelihood of them making a purchase.

Communicate capabilities : XR can be used to create virtual tours of the company’s facilities, allowing customers to see the manufacturing process in action, building trust and credibility with customers, as well as increasing transparency and engagement on the website. something to better demonstrate your injection moulding capabilities to prospective customers . Additionally, an interactive model of your production line can clearly show capability, with images brought to life by a virtual camera panning around and zooming in on clickable elements containing data/info to help the customer understand the process at that point.

In addition to XR, our Artificial Intelligence services can provide numerous benefits to manufacturing and engineering companies.
How does AI fit into this?

We can train AI to help your company become more efficient, reduce costs, and increase quality. In the following ways, Braive can help you gain a competitive edge and improve your bottom line.

Predictive maintenance: AI can be used to analyse data from sensors and other sources to predict when maintenance is needed on machines and equipment. This can help reduce downtime and improve efficiency by allowing for maintenance to be scheduled before a breakdown occurs. It can identify defects and other quality issues in real-time, improving product quality and reducing waste.

Process optimisation: Through ongoing data analysis, AI can be used to optimise manufacturing processes, such as scheduling, inventory management, and production planning. This can help to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Design optimisation: We can use AI to analyse data and identify opportunities for improvement, reducing material costs and improving product performance.

Supply chain management: Analysis of the supply chain can identify areas of inefficiency and reduce costs. Additionally, it can help to improve inventory management, reduce lead times, and increase responsiveness to customer demand.